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  • Energy Miser is about saving you some money on day-to-day energy expenses. Along the way, I hope to chat about how the wider world of energy affects people's daily lives. EM is my way of joining the Green Revolution. Maybe you'll join with me.

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    Thomas Friedman's book, Hot, Flat, and Crowded, is a thorough and thoughtful look at what is wrong with America's approach to energy and the environment and what we can do to change it. Click here for more.

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Hi Margie,
The answer is, "Not much." Leaving your laptop running 24 hours a day would add about $3 to your monthly electric bill. If you're only leaving it on about four hours a day, your monthly cost would only be about 50 cents.

how much would it cost a month to run a toshiba 17 inch laptop for about 4 hours a day, no printing, just laptop and mostly web surfing and email..


Could you possibly please estimate the yearly cost of an an automatic hallogen porch light?
It has two hallogen spot light bulbs and it turns off and on automatically all night as cats people and other animals make it turn on. I need to know becasue I just found out that I have been paying the electric bill for this light in my appartment complex that is used by all the renters and I need to have an idea of how much I have wrongly paid (in my veiw it should be paid by the land owners or devided among the renters)in the last 7 years of living here.Thank you!

There are mobile apps available that will allow you to calculate the costs of running appliances over certain periods of time.

If you have android you can get ElectroCost Calculator from this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adepture.electrocost

how much to run a 110 volt 4.5 watt aquarium pump 24/7?

Wow, this is super helpful and a great visual for comparing light bulbs and appliances. I think it helps me a lot about some decisions that I was trying to make.

I found a place that has the best deals:


Use Coupon code BULBS10

what is the cost of running a large 220 volt Hot tub per month

how much to run a112 volt night light 24\7

Yes, its very useful to see the exact data of the appliances consumption because can help to understand our mistakes.

Hi Daniel: The per-hour cost is between 4 cents and 5 cents for a 60-watt light bulb. That doesn't sound like much, but on a monthly basis that's more than $6 a bulb if left on for most of the day. Multiply that times three bulbs and you start to see a significant impact on your monthly bill. It's time to tell family members: Turn Those Lights Out!

How long would you burn those bulbs for? I want to know how much it costs PER HOUR... people in my house love to burn light bulbs, not taking into account their cost -- as if it were free.

Good Point! Facebook buttons are now added!

No offense, but if there's a facebook like button, it'll be much easier for me to share.

How much would it cost for a family of 8 adults and 1 infant to run a washer and dryer for one month.

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